Mechanical Seals

mechsealRhondama are the East Midlands premier supplier of mechanical seals. We are located in Loughborough, Leicestershire and have good transport links across the UK and throughout Europe. We now offer a repair service for mechanical seals which not only improves the seals performance but can also save you money.

At Rhondama seals we offer a large selection of high quality Mechanical seals, in a variety of styles. We can also refurbish, repair and re-design most types of mechanical seal which can be tailored to suit your specific needs if required.

What is a mechanical seal? Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK

A mechanical seal is a type of sealing device that creates a running seal between rotating and stationary parts. Mechanical seals have been developed to overcome the disadvantages of compression packing, offering little to no leakage of the product, reduced friction and power loss, lower maintenance costs, higher pressure sealing capabilities and the ability to function in more corrosive environments.

How do they work? Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK

The primary seal is achieved by two extremely flat, lapped faces which work together to create a difficult leakage path perpendicular to the shaft. Contact between these two surfaces ensures that leakage is kept to a minimum. True of all mechanical seals, one face remains stationary in a housing and the other face is fixed to, and rotates with the shaft. One of the faces is usually a non-galling material such as carbon-graphite. The other is usually a relatively hard material like silicon-carbide. Dissimilar materials are usually used for the stationary insert and the rotating seal ring face in order to prevent adhesion of the two faces. The softer face usually has the smaller mating surface and is commonly called the wear nose. The faces in a regular mechanical seal are lubricated with a boundary layer of gas or liquid between the faces. In designing seals for the desired leakage, seal life, and energy consumption, the designer must consider how the faces are to be lubricated and select from a number of modes of seal face lubrication.

To select the best seal design, it’s necessary to know as much as possible about the operating conditions and the product to be sealed. Complete information about the product and environment will allow selection of the best seal for the application.

123sealThings to consider when choosing your seal

  • What liquids are involved?
  • Pressure levels
  • What sort of temperature is involved?
  • Liquid characteristics
  • Do you know the make and model of the pump?


Mechanical Seal Repair Loughborough, Leicestershire, UK

Rhondama Seals are now able to offer an expert repair service for mechanical seals. Our teams are able to recondition all types of mechanical seals, providing they are not beyond our specified point of repair. This service will give your mechanical seal a new lease of life, and can prove to be a worthwhile cost saving exercise for any business. This service is available on all single spring, wave spring, cartridge and multi spring type mechanical seals.

Please feel free to contact us with your individual requirements, ensuring to give us as much information as possible regarding your seals dimensions, application and any other relevant data.