Product Information

O Rings are torus-shaped (i.e. doughnut-shaped) objects made from elastomeric compounds such as natural or synthetic rubber, and are used to seal mechanical parts against fluid movement (air or liquid).

O Rings perform their sealing action by deforming to take the shape of their cavity, after being oversized to guarantee an predetermined interference fit.  O Rings are inserted into cavities defined as glands and are typically used in one of two seal designs, axial or radial.  We offer Food Quality approved material O Rings, certified to FDA Standards and supply to the Aerospace Industry, in conformity with British Standards Institution Documents reference 3F68 & 2F69.

Rhondama hold stocks of most commercially available O Rings in both metric and imperial sizes, available in the following materials Nitrile Butadiene, Silicone, PTFE, Ethylene Propylene, Neoprene, Viton Flurocarbon, Fluorosilicon and Polyurethane.

Technical Information