Product Information

Rod Acting Glide Ring With Energiser

This is an asymmetrical, single acting rod seal designed with o ring interference on the OD. This seal shows excellent sealing performance at both high and low speeds. Demonstrates good sliding properties and extrusion resistance.

Standard materials are PTFE and NBR. Other materials are available by request.

All information is for guidance only. Further testing specific to your application is always recommended.

Temperature Speed max Pressure max Seal Material Other Material
-30 to 130° 10 m/s 250bar/3600psi PU NBR
-30 to 105° 10 m/s 400bar/5800psi PU MoS2 NBR
-60 to 80°C 10 m/s 400bar/5800psi UHMWPE NBR
-20 to 210°C 10 m/s 400bar/5800psi PTFE FPM
-20 to 210°C 10 m/s 400bar/5800psi PTFE CARBON FPM

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