Wiper Seals

Wiper Seals

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Wipers, commonly known as scraper seals have a clearly defined purpose, this is to keep at bay any external contaminants that could not only damage the sealing system but the inner workings of the machinery itself.  Some wipers or scrapers have a secondary function that may include a hard scraping lip to remove stubborn contaminants, such as dirt, frost or Ice.  Seals may also contain what is known as a secondary lip to catch any oil remnants that may have made it past the main sealing component.

There are many different types of wiper seals available on the market, Rhondama aim to cover all the major profiles and specialist ones too.

In this section you will find information on the different wiper seals available today, if the seal you’re looking for isn’t on our profile list, please give the Rhondama sales team a call.

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