Rotary Oil Seals

Below you will find our most popular rotary seal profiles. If you cannot find what you are looking for please get in touch and chances are we will be able to custom manufacture the part you require.

We are able to manufacture all the below rotary shaft seal profiles to standard and bespoke sizes. These profiles can also be customised by our expert manufacturing team. This is particularly useful for compensating against machine wear and can help restore a machines performance.

Rhondama will help ensure you find the right sealing solution. Choosing the right seal requires an expert knowledge of the sealing industry and an understanding of different applications. Our specialist sales team are always on hand to advise on products and to help meet your sealing requirements.

Rotary Seal Types

R21:Rubber Covered Case Single Lip  R23:Rubber covered case single lip with wiper   R4:Metal case single lip  R6:Metal case single lip with wiper  R1:Totally metal enclosed (leather or rubber lip) Single  R22:Double lip double sprung Rubber covered  R5:Double lip double spring Metal case  R25:Rubber covered case R12:Springless  Metal case Springless