About Us

Rhondama Limited was formed in 1974 and has earned an excellent reputation as being manufacturers, stockists, and distributors of Hydraulic, Pneumatic sealing products

Back in 2002, Rhondama made a conscious decision to change the structure of the Company to encompass new technology, new products and to move into new markets both in the UK and Europe.  As part of this change, stocks have been rationalised to incorporate less bulk storage but an increased stock range.  This allows us to reduce our product costs and offer these savings and wider product ranges to our customers.

Coupled with our comprehensive product portfolio, Rhondama have a skilled and dedicated workforce who have many years of Seal Industry experience and knowledge.  We are only too happy to assist you with any sealing query or problem which may arise.

Our in-house manufacturing facility was again expanded in 2019.  With the addition of a new state-of the art CNC lathe, with active tooling functionality along with bar feed technology.  With this addition we are now able to offer more than ever before when it comes to machining.  We are able to manufacture seals from as little as 5mm internal diameter up to as large as 2500mm OD.

We are able to offer seals for all industries, from pharmaceutical to food and beverage, from automotive through to aerospace as well as Oil and gas, agricultural, construction and many more.  With an impressive range of materials on offer.  Including FDA, Wras approved, Norsok approved and Metal detectable.  All in various grades of elastomers and plastics

Our ability to offer a quality product in accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Ensures that customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

About rhondama