O-Rings are torus-shaped sealing ring, made from elastomeric compounds such as natural or synthetic rubber, and are used to seal mechanical parts against air or liquid.

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O-Rings perform their sealing action by deforming to take the shape of their cavity, after being oversized to guarantee a predetermined interference fit.  O-Rings are inserted into cavities defined as glands and are typically used in static or dynamic applications.

O-rings are available in various shore hardness’s.  The shore hardness effects the amount of pressure an O-ring can withstand alongside the extrusion gap.  An O-rings pressure capability can be enhanced by cutting down the extrusion gap or by adding a backup ring.

We are able to offer an array of materials to cover various industry sectors.  These materials include FDA, WRAS, Norsok and Metal detectable.

Rhondama holds stocks of metric and imperial O-rings in multiple materials.  Such as NBR, Viton/FKM, EPDM and Silicone as your most common materials.  Along side your more un-common materials as Fluro-silicone, PTFE, and polyurethane.

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