Rhondama Stock, distribute & Manufacture Back-up rings

Rhondama stock and manufacture a range of different Back-up rings in a variety of profiles and materials. We can supply back-up rings in spiral, contoured, split and solid square section. This allows the back-up ring to be opened for easy fitting over a shaft, and ensures the ‘O’ ring is supported around its entire diameter.

Single turn back-up rings can also be supplied, these are usually endless to ensure good support. However, they can be scarf split if required, however we do try and recommend against this as the split can allow for extrusion of the O-Ring.

Materials – Our back-up rings are manufactured in either virgin PTFE or a filled PTFE, this is dependant on the application.

Why use back-up rings? – Back-up rings are important as they prevent extrusion of the O-ring. For single acting applications one back-up ring is ample but for double acting applications 2 back-up ring are required to prevent extrusion on either side.

Back-up rings are required in applications where – Pressure of the fluid is close to or exceeds 10MPa, or O-rings of low strength elastomer are used, or Adverse mechanical conditions are inherent.

Please contact our expert sales team to discuss your individual requirements.