Rhondama are one of the largest stockists and distributors of Circlips in the UK – Loughborough, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham, Birmingham

Rhondama stock, distribute and supply an extensive range of Circlips, available in both metric and imperial sizes. We are located in Loughborough but supply our products nationwide.

A Circlip, sometimes referred to as a snap ring, is a type of fastener used in various applications, consisting of a semi-flexible metal ring with open ends that are be snapped into a machined groove, they are designed for preventing lateral movement whilst not interfering with rotary motion. Circlips, Circlip supplier Leicester – Loughborough

Circlips come in two basic types (although there are many variations): internal and external. Internal circlips are fitted into a bore and are sized relative to the bore into which they are to fit. External circlips are fitted over a shaft and are sized relative to the recommended shaft size to which they are to be fitted. Circlips, Circlip Supplier Leicester – Loughborough

Circlips are perfect for applications where 

Radial space is reduced  –  Axial space of the circlip is limited  –  There is a deffinate need to counteract lateral movement  –  A retaining ring has to operate without a groove  –  Ease of assembly and disassembly is a must  –  Non magnetic materials are required. Circlips, Circlip Supplier Leicester – Loughborough

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