Trade Counter

Our trade counter has been open since our formation in 1974. We are known for our service and expert knowledge of the sealing industry. Our trade counter customers represent a cross section of industry ranging from farming, engineering, motorsport and rail to aviation, food production and pharmaceuticals to name but a few.

Open Monday to Friday from 08:15am to 16:45pm

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    Customers to our trade counter value being able to speak with industry experts when it comes to diagnosing problems and finding suitable sealing solutions. More often than not a seal will not leave a machine looking the same as it did when it was fitted. This can make recognising the most common of parts somewhat challenging at times. Our sales team are equipped with an extensive knowledge of sealing materials as well as being aware of various applications. This makes it possible to determine, through the right questioning, exactly what you are looking for.

    Our stock holding is extensive and at our last count was touching nearly 85,000 individual product lines. With this in mind we are confident that we can meet your sealing requirements with off the shelf products. Where this is not possible our in house manufacturing services can create the parts you require.